Thursday, 17 November 2016

Ingestible Sensors Market Emerging Technologies Trends & Key Insights by 2024

Transparency Market Research provides a detailed analysis of the global ingestible sensors along with the trajectory of the global market for the coming few years through its research report. The document, titled “Ingestible Sensors Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 – 2024,” provides a thorough understanding of the various factors impacting its growth patterns and the ones restraining it. Researchers have compiled the research using primary and secondary research methodologies to offer its readers an exact and accurate account of the market dynamics. 

The Centers for Disease and Control of Infection states that about 36.5% of the overall adults in the U.S. suffer from obesity and related conditions. Obesity has led to a high prevalence of heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and stroke amongst other diseases. This reason alone has provided the overall ingestible sensors market in a terrific momentum with North America in the lead. These sensors gather real-time information and offer an effective solution for the issues that most patients or doctors cannot identify. Today, these sensors are linked to the smartphones and thus help the patients to analyze the data and improve disease management.

Analysts predict that changing lifestyles that tilting towards sedentary patterns and the growing number chronic condition cases are anticipated play a crucial role in the growth of the global ingestible sensors market. The rising disposable incomes, improving healthcare infrastructure in developing countries, and growing awareness about options for treating a disease are all expected to a significant contribution to the global ingestible sensors market in the coming few years. The report indicates that Asia Pacific will also emerge as a leading segment as the region boasts a significant pool of geriatrics and exhibits a large number of unmet medical needs. Furthermore, the entry of new players will also offer end users such as research institutes, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and sports and physical fitness institutions myriad options at competitive pricing.

Some of the leading players operating in the global ingestible sensors market are CapsoVision, Inc., HQ, Inc., Given Imaging, Ltd., Proteus Digital Health, Inc., Olympus Corporation, and Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery B.V. The research report provides a complete analysis of the competitive landscape present in the global market. Furthermore, it also offers an assessment of the research and development activities of these companies, their business and marketing strategies, and expansion plans for the coming few years. Additionally, the document also provides a compilation of comments and recommendations from expert market players for the existing and new players to help them formulate their strategies.

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