Human-Like Google Duplex Phone with Artificial Intelligence System Revolutionized

Around two months after their annual I/O conference, Google had invited Ars along with many other journalists to the THEP Thai Restaurant in New York, this week. The organization had bought out the restaurant for the day, got the tables cleared away and then went ahead to build a nice little presentation area with a TV, loudspeaker and some chairs. Right next to the TV, there was podium where there was the restaurant’s phone.
During the I/O conference 2018, Google had astonished the world with the demonstration of Google Duplex phone, which is an Artificial Intelligence system meant for accomplishing tasks of the real world over the phone. The short demo which the company had given through the presentation had seemed as if it was the pinnacle of Google’s capabilities with regard to voice recognition and speech synthesis. It showed that the voice bot of Google was capable of calling up businesses and making an appointment on behalf of customers, which resembled a shocking similarity, enough to deceive anyone with that of any human being. The demo also showed that the voice bot was complete with some artificial speech disfluencies.
The crisp, previously recorded I/O showcase had soon set off a firestorm, through a debate on the web. People had started questioning the ethics of an Artificial Intelligence which had pretended like normal human beings, with wiretap laws being brought into questions and some even had the query if the demo was a fake one. Google had kept quiet about the particular project, other than only coming up with the promise that Duplex would present itself as a robot in the future.
Right after all these, suddenly Google said that they were ready to talk and give more details about Duplex. Google decided to let some of the journalists talk directly with the Artificial Intelligence, which has been infamous for certain reasons. Google did not allow anyone to record the live interactions but had only provided a video.
During the course of the event, they had come across several calls from beginning to the end, which got handled over a live phone system.

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