iOS Gets Another Helping Hand 'Alexa'

Amazon Alexa the virtual assistant developed by Amazon Lab126 in November 2014, to make our gadget (almost) hands-free. This gadget is capable of voice interaction, making a to-do list, music playback, making calls, playing audiobooks, providing weather information, sports scores and real-time news. Alexa initially used in Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot was later used as a companion app in Google Play and Amazon app store. Amazon has now rolled out this huge new update for iPhone users. iPhone users already having Siri - the inbuilt Apple assistant and the Google assistant gets yet another helping hand. Most devices with Alexa allows users to activate using the wake-up word as in Amazon echo: while in other devices, it requires a tap on the app to activate it, making it almost hands-free. Presently, interaction and communication with Alexa are only available in languages like English, German, French and Japanese.
Alexa, Siri and Google assistant though similar with their origin of being voice assistants they are quite different from each other. This initiative of Alexa in an iOS device has been in pipeline for a very long time, was introduced in March 2017. Unlike Android, Apples' system is quite locked down, that means Alexa cannot be used as a replacement for Siri i.e. keeping the wakeup words for Apple's own voice assistant Siri. Each of these voice assistants has their own set of advantages and disadvantages but Alexa has stood as a quite a competition for Siri. Accumulation of voice control to the Alexa app on iOS is a portion of Amazon's goal of making its virtual assistant available in most devices. To access this new voice control features the iPhone users need to download the latest version (2.2.216514.0) from the Apple App Store. Alexa already a huge success in Google Play Store with a download of 10 million, we are yet to see the response of users to this new voice assistant of Amazon in iOS.

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