Tesla Says the Alleged Whistleblower to Be Nothing of the Sort

Tesla has completely refuted the claims, that were made by an ex-employee and whistle blower, who was nothing but a self-proclaimed one, had previously leaked certain information to the press.

A lengthy statement was provided to Ares on Friday through a spokesperson of the company, where the company had totally denied the fact that Martin Tripp, a person on whom the company had filed a case against earlier in the week for allegations over violating trade secrets, had any noble intentions.

The company even stated that Martin Tripp was someone, who had stolen data of the company a subtle manner and got those data transferred to third parties, who were completely unknown. All of these things were done while making up false claims about the organization so that he could cause harm to it.

In the lawsuit filed against him by the company, Tesla had accused Martin Tripp of hacking systems of the organization, which was categorically denied by Tripp.

Tripp had told Ares on Thursday that he wanted to disclose the safety loopholes and internal waste in the batteries made by Tesla, which he claimed to have observed when he had worked as a technician at the organization’s Gig factory in Sparks, which is in Nevada.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk had made an intimation through Twitter that Tripp was one of 40 bad apples, who had sabotaged against the organization in an effort to apparently prevent the ambitions of Tesla from being realized. Tesla aims to ramp up production wherein they could produce 5000 Model 3s every week.

The statement on Friday had gone on to say that Tripp had made an exaggeration of the level of waste, which he claimed to have observed while being at the Gig factory. The amount mentioned by Tripp was of $150 million scraps at the Gig factory in 2018, which happened to be way overboard.

The company had even ridiculed Tripp’s claims about the company reporting wrong production number of Model 3s. They were of the opinion that either Tripp was not telling the truth or he had no idea of what he was talking about.

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