Apple, Audi, BMW Agrees to use smartphones as car key

Day to Day life gives us so much comfort that we get used to it for more and more, we first deny to accept the change all of sudden but on a next part we also agree to it and say “we should cooperate new innovative ideas to deal with our life”. Though cars have been provided smart locks form last few years the CCC Connected Car Consortium is trying to standardize technology that would let us drive our car without any traditional key fob, which would sound as a better option for those short memory people who misplace their keys or forget the keys where they left. At this point they can easily just connect their device like mobile phones which they 24*7 keep with them, this will become not easy for them to use but also convenient to carry it without any intention to think where did they leave. You can unlock and drive your car with your device that's the main goal of the CCS technology.

The very first digital key 1.0 specification delivered a protected way for the users for downloading digital key onto their phone, which then uses NFC communication for locking and unlocking, and to start a car, whereas the Car Connectivity Consortium counts companies like Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Volvo, Tesla etc. to replace with 2.0 digital key set which would release in early 2019, with standardized authentication protocol for phones and cars, though earlier this technology of digital was claimed in different way portrayed as key pattern only but here the idea will be connected through digital mobiles, things are quite same but technology is different.

Mahafuzur Rahman President of the CCC said, “I am excited about the overwhelmingly positive responses we've received from the industry for our digital key solution which will get many new comforts for all”. Gemalto is dynamically involved to support vehicle OEMs in rolling out these series for their customers.

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