Gene discovery unlocks mysteries to our immunity

Today's environment is surrounded by lots of invisible micro bacteria and germs in the air which is not felt or seen, but if get in contact to the body it may harm human body in various ways. There are many bacteria & viruses found by our professional researchers as well as by the scientists who study all day to day germs to prepare there antidote.

Recently Australia’s National science agency CSIRO has identified a new Gene that flop a very crucial role in organising the body immune that response towards infection & diseases. This may cause to the development of new treatments for INFLUENZA, ARTHRITIS & even CANCER. This Gene is named by C6orf106 or C6. C6 guides the production of proteins involved

In infectious diseases like CANCER & DIABETES. This Gene has endured over 500 million years, but its studies have now been undertaken by the researchers & scientists to come up with results against it. C6 manage this process by switching off the management towards CYTOKINES (the protein which helps the immune system to fight against viruses & other pathogens that harm our body) to layoff our immune from responding out of control.

Dr Rebecca Ambrose a former CSIRO researcher gave a statement to Hudson Institute of Medical Research by saying- “Even though the human genome was fully sequenced in 2003, but there are still thousands of Genes that are unknown.” The Gene conceal for C6 span about 80 kb of DNA that contains 18exons. Deletion 879delG located in exon 6 represents 70% of the case that has been found in the Western Cape, South Africa. Deletion 1195 dlC located in exon 7 & 193delG located in exon 12 have been found in various geographical areas of Africa. This is some basic information which needed to be shared, so we noted some basic points that one should be aware of. For more details about this new Gene, you can follow the link given below where you may find different opinions of all different researchers of origin discussing the Gene, problems and cure of it, which are yet not finalized for the publication. When it gets a final permission we will be back to you with the conclusion.

Awareness is our responsibility, Responsibility is our Aim, The aim should be our Goal, and The goal should be our PRIORITY.

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