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iOS Gets Another Helping Hand 'Alexa'

Amazon Alexa the virtual assistant developed by Amazon Lab126 in November 2014, to make our gadget (almost) hands-free. This gadget is capable of voice interaction, making a to-do list, music playback, making calls, playing audiobooks, providing weather information, sports scores and real-time news. Alexa initially used in Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot was later used as a companion app in Google Play and Amazon app store. Amazon has now rolled out this huge new update for iPhone users. iPhone users already having Siri - the inbuilt Apple assistant and the Google assistant gets yet another helping hand. Most devices with Alexa allows users to activate using the wake-up word as in Amazon echo: while in other devices, it requires a tap on the app to activate it, making it almost hands-free. Presently, interaction and communication with Alexa are only available in languages like English, German, French and Japanese.
Alexa, Siri and Google assistant though similar with their origin of being voice assistants they are quite different from each other. This initiative of Alexa in an iOS device has been in pipeline for a very long time, was introduced in March 2017. Unlike Android, Apples' system is quite locked down, that means Alexa cannot be used as a replacement for Siri i.e. keeping the wakeup words for Apple's own voice assistant Siri. Each of these voice assistants has their own set of advantages and disadvantages but Alexa has stood as a quite a competition for Siri. Accumulation of voice control to the Alexa app on iOS is a portion of Amazon's goal of making its virtual assistant available in most devices. To access this new voice control features the iPhone users need to download the latest version (2.2.216514.0) from the Apple App Store. Alexa already a huge success in Google Play Store with a download of 10 million, we are yet to see the response of users to this new voice assistant of Amazon in iOS.

iOS Gets Another Helping Hand 'Alexa' iOS Gets Another Helping Hand 'Alexa' Reviewed by Alina Martin on 10:08 Rating: 5

Pinnacle Food Is About To Be Acquired By Conagra Brands for Around $8.1 Billion

An announcement was made by Conagra Brands on Wednesday wherein they had mentioned their plans of acquiring Pinnacle Foods in a deal based on cash and stock, which is valued at around $8.1 billion. This emphasizes the transformation that Conagra has made under CEO Sean Connolly and their push towards frozen foods.
If the debt is included, then the value of the deal goes up to $10.9 billion.
According to the analysts at RBC Capital Markets, this association of Conagra, Healthy Choice owner along with Bird’s Eye-owner, Pinnacle, is set to create the second largest frozen food company of U.S, just behind Nestle. Conagra has pumped in money into their frozen foods business, having an eye towards not only to repackage but also to reformulate their products, so that they can cater to the population of younger diners.
The share prices of both the companies had stayed down during the early morning trade, which clearly suggested that there was little enthusiasm among consumers in this particular deal. It seemed as if they have not yet come to terms with what to expect out of this acquisition. Due to this reason, the stock of Pinnacle Foods was trading at low, being down 3.94 percent, whereas the shares of Conagra Brands were down 6.75 percent.
The dip in the share prices of both the stocks might reflect activity regarding arbitrage investing, which quite frequently tends to accompany deals like this, in which the company which acquires, looks to fund their purchase with stock. This could also give a reflection of some broader concerns which the food industry is facing to a large extent, like slow growth and narrow margin for the retailers.
This deal puts Pinnacle at a value of $68 per share, a lot less than what the analysts’ had estimated, which was around $75 a share.
The agreement would allow the shareholders of Pinnacle to receive $43.11 per share in cash and for each share of Pinnacle, 0.6494 shares of common stock of Conagra. The shareholders of Pinnacle are in line to own around 16% of the combined organization.

Pinnacle Food Is About To Be Acquired By Conagra Brands for Around $8.1 Billion Pinnacle Food Is About To Be Acquired By Conagra Brands for Around $8.1 Billion Reviewed by Alina Martin on 10:07 Rating: 5

Blood Moon 2018 prediction: What is the Blood Moon prescience and will the world end?

The Blood Moon prophecy implies to uncover concealed messages in the Christian Bible about the last days drawing closer.
One month from now on July 27 the Blood Moon will crest in the night skies amid the July add up to the lunar shroud. The cosmic occasion denotes the second aggregate lunar shroud and Blood Moon of the year.
The last Blood Moon showed up in the skies on January 31 amid the uncommon Super Blue Blood Moon display. Some Christian connivance scholars who acutely watched the moon traverse the night sky asserted the Blood Moon prediction was being satisfied.
The prophetically calamitous prescience itself can be followed back to Christian clergymen John Hague and Mark Blitz who guaranteed to have discovered references of a blood moon quadruplicate in the Bible.
A tetrad is a progression of four back to back lunar shrouds which probably started in the year 2014. The principal obscure in the forecasted quadruplicate occurred on April 15, 2014, and was trailed by Blood Moons on October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and September 28, 2015.
As indicated by the End Time Ministries, a Christian gathering lecturing the last days gospel, various predictions in the Bible anticipate the moon will turn dark red toward the apocalypse. For example, Joel 2:30-31 states: "And I will demonstrate ponders in the sky and in the earth, blood, and fire, and mainstays of smoke”.
"The sun will be transformed into dimness and the moon into blood, before the immense and the unpleasant day of the LORD come”. The Book of Revelations additionally states 6:12 the moon will turn red: "And I viewed when he had opened the 6th seal, and, lo, there was an extraordinary quake; and the sun ended up dark as sackcloth of hair, and the moon moved toward becoming as blood”.
Irvin Baxter, leader of the End Time Ministries, stated: "The Bible shows that end occasion is coming only in front of us now and that will be the best prophetic satisfaction over the most recent 2,000 years.
Yet, for a great many people in established researchers, the Blood Moon prediction is unverified bunkum. Geoffrey Gaherty, an essayist for Starry Night Education, said he was disheartened by paranoid notions hooking onto stellar displays like the overshadowing.
He stated: "As a vigorous sky watcher who gets much delight from wonderful occasions like lunar obscurations, it disheartens me that there are 'prophets of fate' on the planet who see these life-improving occasions as signs of the debacle”.
What's more, there is no motivation to trust the Blood Moon is a sign from the sky since researchers see extremely well the mechanics behind why the moon turns red amid a shroud. The impact is known as Rayleigh dissipation and the marvel is in charge of painting the skies blue and dusky red. Amid a shroud, the moon will pass straightforwardly behind the sun and Earth to cover up in the planet's shadow. In any case, rather than totally vanishing, certain groups of red daylight will paint the moon a profound copper-like red tone. This happens in light of the fact that daylight twisting around the planet diffuses in the climate and sifts through shades of different wavelengths.
Red is slightest influenced by the disseminating which in turns rolls out the moon improvement shading.

Blood Moon 2018 prediction: What is the Blood Moon prescience and will the world end? Blood Moon 2018 prediction: What is the Blood Moon prescience and will the world end? Reviewed by Alina Martin on 10:07 Rating: 5

Tesla Says the Alleged Whistleblower to Be Nothing of the Sort

Tesla has completely refuted the claims, that were made by an ex-employee and whistle blower, who was nothing but a self-proclaimed one, had previously leaked certain information to the press.

A lengthy statement was provided to Ares on Friday through a spokesperson of the company, where the company had totally denied the fact that Martin Tripp, a person on whom the company had filed a case against earlier in the week for allegations over violating trade secrets, had any noble intentions.

The company even stated that Martin Tripp was someone, who had stolen data of the company a subtle manner and got those data transferred to third parties, who were completely unknown. All of these things were done while making up false claims about the organization so that he could cause harm to it.

In the lawsuit filed against him by the company, Tesla had accused Martin Tripp of hacking systems of the organization, which was categorically denied by Tripp.

Tripp had told Ares on Thursday that he wanted to disclose the safety loopholes and internal waste in the batteries made by Tesla, which he claimed to have observed when he had worked as a technician at the organization’s Gig factory in Sparks, which is in Nevada.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk had made an intimation through Twitter that Tripp was one of 40 bad apples, who had sabotaged against the organization in an effort to apparently prevent the ambitions of Tesla from being realized. Tesla aims to ramp up production wherein they could produce 5000 Model 3s every week.

The statement on Friday had gone on to say that Tripp had made an exaggeration of the level of waste, which he claimed to have observed while being at the Gig factory. The amount mentioned by Tripp was of $150 million scraps at the Gig factory in 2018, which happened to be way overboard.

The company had even ridiculed Tripp’s claims about the company reporting wrong production number of Model 3s. They were of the opinion that either Tripp was not telling the truth or he had no idea of what he was talking about.

Tesla Says the Alleged Whistleblower to Be Nothing of the Sort Tesla Says the Alleged Whistleblower to Be Nothing of the Sort Reviewed by Alina Martin on 10:07 Rating: 5

Facebook by mistake leaked developer analytics reports to testers

Another case of mishandling data has come out, where Facebook has accidentally leaked analytics reports from APP DEVELOPERS to APP TASTERS. This week, a worried developer communicated TECHCRUNCH in order to inform them that their Facebook App analytics weekly summary email had been mistakenly delivered to the outsider, which contained sensitive business information, includes weekly average, user info, page views & some new information about the Facebook.

After 43 hours of the incident, Facebook confirmed to TECHCRUNCH that 3% of apps using Facebook Analytics had their weekly summary reports sent to their app's testers, instead of only the app's developers, admin & analysts. The blunder came to limelight just weeks after a virus caused fourteen million USER'S FACEBOOK status update composers to change their default privacy settings to public. Facebook says it has fixed the issues and that no personal information was disclosed. While Facebook is still facing some past issues related to its Cambridge Analytical scandal, it has been trying to clean up its image as a company that plays fast & loose with your privacy.

The company has promised that they will mail all APP developers that were affected by the bug. Mistakes happen, but it should be accepted and corrected by the people on time else they may face problems in future. In case of social media, we must always be aware of the system we use and the function we get attached to. It's not a scary warning to make the users feel unsafe, but it's for your convenience only to make all the users and people HAPPY and FRIENDLY to the Apps they get attached to in Social World. We apologize for the error that has caused to many systems and users, we have made updates to prevent this from happening again.

Facebook by mistake leaked developer analytics reports to testers Facebook by mistake leaked developer analytics reports to testers Reviewed by Alina Martin on 10:07 Rating: 5
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