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Suit alleging weed killer ROUNDUP, which causes cancer given green light by San Francisco Judge

This particular product is really very high in demand in the Market. Which is nowadays in rumours as well? Yes, you heard it right! Let’s know how?

We have often heard & seen the products which rule the market gets the high attraction of destroying the goodwill of the product by other consumers or head offices. Well, here the topic is this is a new product that launched a few months back that also got good feedback from users as well. Here the allegations arise that this product causes cancer.

For which now the chemical Glyphosate is also in the centre of the debate. US District Judge Vince Chhabria said there is evidence against this product that it contains the ingredients that cause Cancer. Whereas the other expert's made this question at doubt when they came up with the same product, same name, same designed bottle with different company tag. They said both the products are same but the 1 has its demand & other is not at all on the mark. This confusion created lots of questions in everybody's mind so they decided to give both the products in a lab for further investigation.

Monsanto vice president of Scott Partridge sued California's Office of Environmental Health hazard for giving wrong information about chemicals that are totally different from each other. WHO has classified Glyphosate as Carcinogenic? Things when half tested or given 1 wrong information can totally the change full procedure. Yet this is not yet clear but the process of investigation is on till then no single products are allowed to sell in the market. This investigation is taking time only because we don't have any particular example or a person who has suffered from this, it is only a verbal allegation that needs to figure out. 

Suit alleging weed killer ROUNDUP, which causes cancer given green light by San Francisco Judge Suit alleging weed killer ROUNDUP, which causes cancer given green light by San Francisco Judge Reviewed by Alina Martin on 10:29 Rating: 5

Admire the Touching Beauty of the Universe

The universe is that part of our life, about which we all want to know as much as possible. And that is why this article based on a recent study is here for you, to provide you with more information related to the Universe you are living in. 

If we go deeply to study about each and every planet I think we will always get new things to learn and to know about. It is because every planet, every star has its own story and beauty that captures one eye. Now, a new image of star Cluster named RCW 38 dispersed with young, hot massive stars delivers an unprecedented glimpse into a tumultuous region of space, which is located nearly 5,500 light years away from Earth. This view of RCW 38 was made desirable only by the HAWK-I Infrared imager mounted on the European Southern observed with the help of large telescopes VLT in Chile. This instrument can penetrate through dusty star clusters that can reveal the details of glowing gases of sole stars and the long stream of cosmic dust as well. RCW 38 is the constellation of Vela packed within the young stars and protostars for forming. 

The central area of RCW 38 visible as a bright blue-tinted region that helps the passionate radiation coming out from these newly born stars which help the surrounded gas glow bright. The image we have got from the ground-based telescope is wonderful as per now. But yes, imagine how beautiful it will be in future to see the sight again, once the space-based James Webb telescope is ready for the use. We have different objects that help us to look at the universe in every different style. It is actually 1 but the objects make it look decorated.

Hope you have got to know something more through this article.
Admire the Touching Beauty of the Universe Admire the Touching Beauty of the Universe Reviewed by Sharon Will on 10:21 Rating: 5

US Security Clearance Has Been Won by COSCO Shipping of China for OOIL Deal

COSCO Shipping Holdings of China said on Sunday that a key review body of U.S. has given clearance for their plans of acquiring a shipping firm named, Orient Overseas International Ltd on issues related to security for $6.3 billion.

As per a statement from COSCO, it was on 30th June when all the prior conditions set for the OOIL offer, that was made last year had fulfilled after they had received approval from the anti-monopoly regulator of China. They already have the necessary approvals from the anti-monopoly regulators of Europe and the United States.

The regulatory filing was done on Sunday where the company had said that there was a notification from the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, that it does not have any kind of security issues outstanding, after carrying out an agreement with the U.S. government to divest the terminal business of Long Beach container to any third party. COSCO even said that the container terminal business’ ownership would be transferred to a trust while they will be seeking for a buyer.

There were concerns about the fact that the trade war going on between U.S. and China might affect some major deals undertaken by the firms from U.S. and China when they would seek approval from the regulatory authorities.

On Friday, both U.S. and China had implemented tariffs against each other’s goods, with no chance of having any resolution in the near future.

OOIL being acquired by COSCO would result in the shipping giant from China become the third-largest container shipping line in the world.

This particular deal happens to be the latest in a range of mergers and acquisitions taking place in global container shipping. It has certainly left the top six shipping lines to have control around 63 percent of the market share. This deal also comes up at a time when the shipping industry is going through a phase of transformation, wherein a recovery is in the process after a period of quite a lengthy downturn.

US Security Clearance Has Been Won by COSCO Shipping of China for OOIL Deal US Security Clearance Has Been Won by COSCO Shipping of China for OOIL Deal Reviewed by Alina Martin on 04:58 Rating: 5

Tussle between Tesla and Luxembourg over the Model S Failing Its Brake Test

Tesla had previously put to rest the braking test issue with their Model 3 but just because things had worked out at that time, do not mean that it would get away with the Model S brake test. Certainly, Luxembourg did not think so. ILNAS, Luxembourg testing, and standards body have put themselves at loggerheads with Tesla after they had conducted an absolutely unusual emergency braking test which had gone into the comparison of 2015 era Model S to a brand new Volvo S90. The Model S had failed the test in the most spectacular manner and as per those who had witnessed the disaster, said that the car had crashed into a dummy car at a speed of only less than 19 MPH. On the other hand, Volvo S90 had managed to avoid any kind of mishap from happening even at a speed of 37 MPH. Things did not look good for Tesla but in a surprising turn of events, Tesla had not taken the results in a sporting manner.

A spokesperson for Tesla, in his statement to Electric, said that PLANS had refused to give them the details of the test, including the method which they had adopted. The organization did not even know that such kind of test was going on until news had appeared in the press. The carmaker had also gone on to find out that Model S is registered as a rental car in Germany. The company's spokesperson even promised that Tesla would keep on investigating the kind of test, which got conducted in order to ensure that the test was a fair one.

There are a number of questions which get raised after the test. They include, why at all a three-year-old rental car of the Model S was pulled up for the test, against a brand new rival car of Volvo S90. Moreover, why was the test conducted in front of the media? The results which had come out from the test even raised concerns about whether Tesla's braking system, which was comparatively older, is at all up to par.

Tussle between Tesla and Luxembourg over the Model S Failing Its Brake Test Tussle between Tesla and Luxembourg over the Model S Failing Its Brake Test Reviewed by Alina Martin on 02:44 Rating: 5

Top fast food chain and restaurants customer for customer satisfaction named in ACSI

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) is the national cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction in the United States. According to the latest ACSI reports 2018 Chick-Flick-A dominates over the fast food industry in America. This year survey was conducted with 22,500 customers who were asked about the quality of products, services and satisfaction with more than 380 companies in 46 industries and 10 economic sectors.

Measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest all the food and restaurant were scored keeping in mind their food accuracy, wait staff behaviour; food quality; beverage quality; restaurant cleanliness and layout; food variety; beverage variety; and website satisfaction. Chick-fill-A was ranked 87 for the third year in a row. After Panera Bread at 81 came Subway at 80 and Arby's at 79. Pizza Hut the highest gain in the ACSI category with the marginal increase in customer satisfaction and this was because of the changes that included a new rewards program and improvements in equipment, technology and marketing. Pizza Hut even went to an extent of introducing oven-hot delivery that looks forward to delivering hotter pizza just for the customer satisfaction.

On the full-service restaurants' list, Texas Roadhouse topped the board with 83 points breaking previous year score by one point. Cracker Barrel another fast food chain fell by three points from the previous year. Travis Doster the spokesperson of Texas Roadhouse said consistency with service is the only reason that makes the customer come back to them. The initiative was taken by Longhorn for serving larger steaks and decrease menu options replicated customers' requests, which assisted them rebound from their 2017 slump of 77 to 81, showcasing the importance of customer review in uplifting the index of the restaurant or fast food chain. The third place on the list is bagged by Olive Garden with 80 points, one less from last year. The restaurants that scored 79 are Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Red Robin and TGI Fridays. Red Lobster and Outback Steakhouse decreased by 2 and 1 per cent, respectively, while TGI Fridays surged by 4 per cent. Following the request of the customer about healthy about a healthier option, full- service restaurants soared high with 4 per cent. According to SCSI reports, there is an increase in food accuracy from 1 to 88 per cent in the year 2018.

Top fast food chain and restaurants customer for customer satisfaction named in ACSI Top fast food chain and restaurants customer for customer satisfaction named in ACSI Reviewed by Alina Martin on 09:27 Rating: 5
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