Facebook by mistake leaked developer analytics reports to testers

Another case of mishandling data has come out, where Facebook has accidentally leaked analytics reports from APP DEVELOPERS to APP TASTERS. This week, a worried developer communicated TECHCRUNCH in order to inform them that their Facebook App analytics weekly summary email had been mistakenly delivered to the outsider, which contained sensitive business information, includes weekly average, user info, page views & some new information about the Facebook.

After 43 hours of the incident, Facebook confirmed to TECHCRUNCH that 3% of apps using Facebook Analytics had their weekly summary reports sent to their app's testers, instead of only the app's developers, admin & analysts. The blunder came to limelight just weeks after a virus caused fourteen million USER'S FACEBOOK status update composers to change their default privacy settings to public. Facebook says it has fixed the issues and that no personal information was disclosed. While Facebook is still facing some past issues related to its Cambridge Analytical scandal, it has been trying to clean up its image as a company that plays fast & loose with your privacy.

The company has promised that they will mail all APP developers that were affected by the bug. Mistakes happen, but it should be accepted and corrected by the people on time else they may face problems in future. In case of social media, we must always be aware of the system we use and the function we get attached to. It's not a scary warning to make the users feel unsafe, but it's for your convenience only to make all the users and people HAPPY and FRIENDLY to the Apps they get attached to in Social World. We apologize for the error that has caused to many systems and users, we have made updates to prevent this from happening again.

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